Materials developed to reduce or remove echo or reverberation within the room.

Fire resistant, stable, durable and the same high quality we pride ourselves on.

Since the 2006 launch of the acoustically absorbent Acoustis 50 fabric, other Mermet glass fibre based fabrics have been sold for their own specific acoustic properties.

Acoustically transparent 

Screen Vision SV10% and Satine 5500 both benefit from the same fire rating of BS476 Pt 6 Class 0, with the dimensional stability of glass fibre cored yarn and the moisture resistant, easy clean, good for print, anti-microbial coating properties of the rest of the European manufactured range of Mermet  screen fabrics.

The SV10% fabric used in large quantities as a ‘facing’ material for acoustically absorbent felts and foams, giving them a presentable non fibrous, easy clean appearance without impairing the performance of the materials behind – typically as a wall or ceiling cover in a sports hall, behind a timber lattice, where the easy handling (cuts well, sews, welds, staples well) makes it an easy install.

Similarly, the slightly heavier, more robust, Satine 5500 fabric, with its large colour palette of over 40 colours has been used as a cover for music speakers, hiding them, without hindering performance.

Acoustically absorbent

The Acoustis 50 has been developed to reduce or remove echo or reverberation within the chamber, just over half of one millimetre thick yet it has the absorption properties of three quarters of an inch of acoustic felt, cuts and handles with ease, performing well as a free hung panel or a roller blind. Woven from the same yarn as the SV10% fabric it has all the fire resistant, stability, durability and performance properties.

All three above fabrics attested safe in use Oeko Tex 100, Greenguard.

Fabric Name Openness % Light Control (TV%) Heat (Rs % Best Colour) Heat Control (e%)
Acoustis 50 2* >1-17 72
Satine 5500 4 4-23 66 91
Screen Vision SV10% 10 9-29 63
  • Openness % = The percentage of the surface area consisting of holes *Nominal
  • Tv%  (Light Transmission) = percentage of visible light passing through the fabric, key for light control.                                  
  • Rs% (Reflectance Solar) = percentage of solar energy reflected by the fabric, key for heat control/minimising heat gain.
  • e%  (Emissivity) = percentage of radiation able to ‘escape’ – key for insulation. Majority of fabrics release heat readily, typically c.90%