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Why Use Solar Shading Fabrics?

Currently, over 40 % of emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas are released by building heating and air conditioning systems. In order to reduce emissions it is essential to improve the thermal performance of buildings through adoption of thermal regulations being applied by building designers. Likewise, at work and in the home, the occupant's comfort needs taking into account through:

Provision of natural light

Visual comfort: limiting the disruption caused by light, preserving eyesight, etc.

Thermal comfort: controlling heat in summer and cold spots in winter, as well as air quality

Aesthetic appearance: With over 500 colours to choose from the fabrics in the Mermet® collection are perfectly suited to exterior
   facades or interior decoration.

What are the Benefits of Glass Fibre over Polyester? Click here to read the Gauthier report


Mermet UK provide assistance in the completion of a specification form similar to the NBS N10 240. In applying this standard we are able to ensure that the important characteristics of a particular fabric are not ‘substituted out’. For example, very few polyester based 3% screens will match visible transmittance (VT) properties of a glass fibre cored fabric.

Similarly, Mermet UK regularly assist contractors and manufacturers of blinds to decipher what the specifications of a particular fabric mean in practical terms and which other fabrics may match or improve performance as per the required criteria. After this process is completed it will normally lead to a requirement for fabric, normally within a very short lead time.


From their centre of operations in rural Herefordshire Mermet UK hold stock of over 500 rolls of fabric, all of which are available on the basis of a next day delivery service on both a full or part roll basis, delivered to the manufacturers of blinds and tensile structures as well as suppliers of digital images. Our supplies arrive on a weekly basis from Mermet’s international H.Q. and manufacturing plant just outside Lyon, France. This means that we are able to supply thousands more rolls when required which are available for quick delivery.

At the manufacturing plant we also have the facility to assist our UK manufacturers that may have space restrictions at their premises that preclude them from producing large screen covers. Covers up to 4.5 metres (14’6’’) wide x 8.0 metres (26’0’’) drop can be cut, squared, jointed and welded, demonstrating very clearly the practical benefits of using glass fibre based fabrics.


Screen (Open Weave) fabrics

Blackout fabrics

Acoustic fabrics


Screen (Open Weave) Black Out Acoustic Brochures