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 Mermet (UK) is a trading division of De Leeuw Ltd.  Registered in England: 2101048 | Registered Office: Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7PU

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External Screen Classics

Screen Design

Satine 5500Metal

Natte 4503

Satine 5500


Classic Natte 4503.pdf

M-screen 8501


M-screen 8503/05


Screen Vision

SV1%+ 3%

SV3% Koolblack

SV5%+ 10%

Screen Thermic

S2 1%+3%+5%

Screen Nature



Satine Low-E

Satine Low E


Kibo 8500

Flocke 11201



Classic Satine 5500.pdf Natura.pdf Vision SV 1-3%.pdf S-Screen.pdf Vision SV 5-10%.pdf Vision SV Koolblack.pdf Thermic S2.pdf SNU   - Ultimetal - hydrophobic.pdf Satine 5500 Low E.pdf Blackout KIBO 8500.pdf Accoustis 50.pdf

Satine 21154


B-screen 1%, 3%, 5%

B-SCREEN_1-3-5%_GB.pdf M-Screen 8501.pdf Classic 5500 Metal.pdf Classic Natte 4503.pdf Classic Ultravision.pdf

Karellis 11301

BLACKOUT 100%_KARELLIS 11301_GB.PDF Blackout 100% Flocke.pdf BLACKOUT 100% SATINE 21154.pdf