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Openness % = The percentage of the surface area consisting of holes *Nominal

Tv%  (Light Transmission) = percentage of visible light passing through the fabric, key for light control.                                  

Rs% (Reflectance Solar) = percentage of solar energy reflected by the fabric, key for heat control/minimising heat gain.

e%  (Emissivity) = percentage of radiation able to ‘escape’ – key for insulation. Majority of fabrics release heat readily, typically c.90%

Black Out Fabrics

Fabric Name

Openness %

Light Control (Tv%)

Heat (Rs % Best Colour)

Control (e%)

Flocke 11201




Kibo 8500




Satiné 21154




Karellis 11301




All fabrics are suitable for internal application, a number suitable for external use as well.

Mermet fabrics can be specified for other than their shading properties, some highlighted as follows: PVC Free Fabrics. The majority also suitable for use in Tensile Structures and as a substrate for Digital printing – see individual product descriptions for more information.

Black Out Flocke 11201 Kibo 8500

Mermet UK are able to offer expert advice on the physical properties of each fabric and how the behaviour of each fabric differs depending on the environment, in relation to both climatic differences and general usage. We are also able to advise on the hardware that should be used in order to control and maintain the finished product, while achieving optimum performance from the fabric.

We make recommendations based on the differences between the wide varieties of fabrics that are available on the market, giving commercial as well as practical advice. This advice may relate to the end user in terms of the availability of local suppliers, or manufacturers of blinds in relation to calculating the correct quantity of materials required prior to initial quotation.

We pride ourselves on having one of the best sample services on the UK contracts market. Swatches and A4 sized samples can be sent out in order to ensure that the correct materials advance to the specification stage of the process.

Black Out Fabrics Range - click on the fabric

Satine 21154 Karellis 11301